Applying to ACL Year-Long Mentorship

Apply to be a Mentee

You can apply as a mentee if you are a student interested in the field of NLP and you need advice on career choices, how to start to do NLP research, and so on. To check whether you are eligible, please scroll down to see the Eligibility Requirements.

Click here for the application form for mentees.

Apply to be a Mentor

Click here to apply as a mentor. Applications are welcome at any time.

Notification Time

We will try to check the applications on a monthly basis. if you didn't receive a notification from us for a month, feel free to contact any of the co-organizers' personal email so that we can check your application manually.

Eligibility Requirements

For mentees, we require applicants to be:

  • Applicants must be students enrolled at an institution. For the moment, we can only accept applications from students. In later rounds of the ACL mentorship program, we may open it to non-student applicants.

  • Applicants should be beginners in NLP (with an interest in the field), or should be in the early stages of their explorations in NLP.

  • When you are in doubt about your eligibility or fit, we encourage you to apply!

Apply here as a mentee.


For mentors, we welcome people who are experienced in NLP and are willing to share their experience with others.

  • The workload will consist of attending the mentorship events (e.g., zoom calls to give advice to students)

  • We encourage you to contribute advising materials for our website and answer questions from the mentees.

Apply here as a mentor.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to check the FAQ, or contact us.

Waiting for Acceptance

While waiting for your application results, you can feel free to check our list of resources with many tips to address common questions and misconceptions while starting to do NLP research.