Events & Resources

Calendar of ACL Mentorship Events

We currently have one mentoring session per month. In the future, we might also adapt a variety of formats, both big-group talks and small-group mentoring sessions. Feel free to subscribe to the following calendar and keep up with new events.

Note: If you have good ideas of an activity and you have the efforts to lead it, you can feel free to organize bottom-up activities (by proposing your idea on our slack and suggesting how you will lead the organization of that activity; we can help broadcast the activity to all attendees if it is good).

Calendar events of ACL Year-Long Mentorship

Past Mentorship Sessions

Our past sessions are all available online. You might find the following three sources useful:

In case you want to retrieve the most up-to-date resources, you can check our google drive folder which contains the most up-to-date files of our mentorship.

Google Drive of Shared Resources of ACL Mentorship

General Resources for NLP Researchers

We are collecting a list of useful resources for NLP researchers. Please check out our GitHub "Resources to Help Global Equality for PhDs in NLP". Some topics of interest include:

  • How to plan for applications to grad schools in NLP

  • How to start your first NLP research

  • Career difference between academia and industry

  • How to establish interdisciplinary collaborations

  • and many others

If you are interested to contribute, feel free to send on our slack (the #acl-mentorship-discussions channel) a draft of your materials, and we will publish it or link it on our website.