ACL Year-ROUND mentorship


We are a mentorship network that helps and supports junior researchers in natural language processing (NLP). Our aim is to promote equal access to advice on NLP career choices, initiating research in NLP, etc. People from all over the world can apply. We are honored to have over 650 members worldwide now.

For more information, see our introduction, organizers, apply to join us, and events & resources.


What Is ACL Year-Round Mentorship?

This is an initiative undertaken under the auspices of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL), aimed to provide mentorship opportunities for students starting in the field. We are organizing virtual mentorship meetings throughout the year, with mentors from academia or industry with significant expertise and successful careers in the field of NLP. The topics discussed range from “how to choose research topic?” and “how to write a paper?” all the way to “should I do a PhD?” and “how do you keep a work-life balance?”

Who Can Apply?

Anyone who is currently an active student anywhere in the world can sign up to participate in the mentorship sessions. While this may change in the future, at this point we are unable to offer mentorship to those who are not currently enrolled as students.

When Are the Mentoring Events?

An overview of all activities included in our mentorship program is introduced here. The monthly activities such as mentorship sessions are posted on the Events & Resources page. Keep an eye out for future sessions of interest.

ACL mentoring session in July 2020.

Applying to Us

As a mentee:

  • If you are starting to do NLP, and need help

  • Apply via this form

As a mentor:

  • If you are interested in helping

  • Apply via this form

As a sponsor/ volunteer:

  • Volunteers please apply via this form

  • sponsors willing to support our non-profit program, please contact us directly

For more information about applications, please check out this detailed application guide.

More Resources

We keep all helpful resources here, including tips on applying to grad schools to explore NLP research, starting your first NLP research project, choosing between academia and industry, and others.


Rada Mihalcea

Professor at University of Michigan

🌐 Website | 📧 Email

Mohit Bansal

Assoc. Professor at UNC-Chapel Hill

🌐 Website | 📧 Email

Vinodkumar Prabhakaran

Research Scientist at Google

🌐 Website | 📧 Email

Zhijing Jin

PhD at Max Planck Institute & ETH Zürich

🌐 Website | 📧 Email

Ashkan Kazemi

PhD at University of Michigan

🌐 Website | 📧 Email

Tejas Vaidhya

Incoming MSc at Mila

🌐 Website | 📧 Email

❤️ Special thanks to our Previous organizers and helpers:

  • Previous organizer: Lisa Bauer, PhD at UNC-Chapel Hill (🌐 | 📧 )

  • Logo designer and helper for compiling the monthly panels: Abhay Zala (🌐 | 📧)