About us

Motivated by the rapidly growing community of NLP, every year we see many junior students joining the NLP community. However, not all people have the same resources and can receive similar guidance to develop a smooth research/career path in NLP. This difference is exacerbated by the region, cultural group, and many other factors that make resources unequally distributed. Inspired by the one-time mentorship sessions at NLP conferences, we are thinking whether we could make mentorship resources more available all around the year and around the world.


Prof. Rada Mihalcea

Professor at University of Michigan

Prof. Mohit Bansal

Assoc. Professor at UNC-Chapel Hill

Dr. V. Prabhakaran

Research Scientist at Google

Zhijing Jin

PhD at Max Planck Institute & ETH Zürich

Oana Ignat

Postdoc at University of Michigan

Tejas Vaidhya

Incoming MSc at Mila

Abhay Zala

Undergraduate at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Previous Organizers

Lisa Bauer

PhD at UNC-Chapel Hill

Ashkan Kazemi

PhD at University of Michigan